Thursday, October 30, 2008

Christmas Around the World info

This is from Kimberly about this year's Christmas Around the World. Please remove the space between the @ sign and gmail when replying to her or your message will bounce:

Hi all!

Sorry this is going out a bit later than I had planned on, I've been very ill but I figured this can't wait any longer so I'm sending it now!!

It's time once again for the Christmas Around The World freebie collab kit!!!
Last year was an incredible success! It was amazing to see all the designers participate in this huge kit and besides sending 4shared into a state of shock for a day or two it went off without a hitch!

From the feedback I received everyone seemed extremely happy about the increase in traffic to their sites and most expressed and interest in participating again this year!

So if you're a digital designer and you'd like to get in on The Christmas Around The World Freebie Kit - just send an email to fishinmomdesigns@ and I'll send you out the information and color swatch for this years kit! This is open to all designers whether you've been established for years or are brand new to the amazing world of digital scrapbooking! Digital scrapbook site owners - if you'd like to include your store/designers please just email me!

For the rest of you keep your eyes open!! The Christmas Around The World Event starts December 12th!!! Make sure you have lots of hard drive space on you computers because if it is anything like last year this freebie kit is going to be HUGE!!!


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