Saturday, October 25, 2008

10 Weeks Before Christmas Challenge

10 Weeks Before Christmas Challenge
Twas 10 weeks before Christmas when all through the store,
All the scrappers were sighing from birthday freebies galore.

The new designers were uploading to Zen cart with care,
In hopes that their products soon would be there.

The children were nestled all snug in their beds,
while visions of layouts danced in their Mom's heads.

With our spiffy chat room and a fancy new blog,
we were ready to settle down when away went the fog.

Up on the boards there arose such a clatter,
we all came rushing to see what was the matter.

We sprang to the forum with our internet so fast,
clicked on all the challenges, and let out a gasp.

The computer glow on the K-Joi forum
gave us hope that ALL would come.

For what to our wondering eyes should appear
but a brand new challenge to relieve all fear!

With a little known designer, cheerful and FUN,
All knew that the host would be April Dawn.

Quick to the rescue of Christmas she came,
and listed the many challenges by name...

The Calendars! The Gift Lists! The Ornaments! The Cards!
Digi Gifts, Hybrid Gifts, Wrapping, and Rewards!!
To prepare us for Christmas, To prepare us ALL!
Now scrap away, scrap away, SCRAP AWAY ALL!!!

Christmas has sneaked up on us again, but not to fear... K-Joi Studios has a challenge each week from now until Christmas to get us prepared!! It starts October 20th...Monday, and goes through Christmas itself! And it ends with a BIG BANG...stay tuned!! Here is a brief summary of what we will be doing:

Week #1: Calendars...for family or the either way!
Week #2: Gift Lists...this will be a TON more FUN than it sounds...LOL! Come prepared to post family gifting traditions you either do or would like to do!!
Week #3: Christmas Cards...with a LOVELY surprise to help them along!!
Weeks #4, #5, and #6: We will be doing a fun Photo Craft or scrapping related gifts for those on our Gift Lists...or ourselves...LOL!
Weeks #7 and #8: Ornaments for our trees...every year April makes one for her family with a story. She will have a fun Christmas story to go with these two as well!
Week #9: Time to wrap some gifts! We will have some ideas for FUN gift tags, or dressing up gift bags and wrapped presents!
Week #10: This is when we reward our hard...but FUN work!! This is bound to be REALLY exciting!!! Stay around and you will find out why!!
Find out more here:,197.0.html

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