Friday, May 29, 2009

CT Call

Ice Princess Scrapz is looking for 3 more Creative Team members ASAP.
1. Do you love to create layouts, QPs, and bragbook pages?
2. Do you love to RAK?

3. Are your layouts the ones that "stand out" in the gallery?
4. Are you willing to commit to creating 2 layouts per kit x 2 kits per month and posting each layout in a minimum of 5 galleries? (You get my kits that you work with for FREE!)
5. Are you willing to work with a confidentiality agreement in place?
6. Do you have a large variety of photographs to work with?
7. Are you a TEAM player?

If you answered yes to the questions above, please contact me at 1icepriness.fl at (replace the word "at" with the @sign and close up the spaces around it) ASAP with:
1. Links to your creations, your screen name in the gallery (galleries) where you post;
2. Your email address;
3. A short note about yourself, your availability, and anything else you think I should know.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Savor the Moment -NEW Release

Savor every moment of life, including scrapbooking your precious photographs. Savor the Moment is specially designed with those tender moments in mind with a color palette of soft peach, periwinkle, berries, greenery, rich wood, and a little more. Park one of your favorite extractions upon the wooden bench, snuggle some of your favorite photos amongst the books and antique clock, or lavish some memories with a garden of flowers -- the possibilities are endless. Make your scrapbooking session an enjoyable one with this plethora of treasures. Not all items shown in the previews. This delicious treat contains: 20 background papers, 4 frames, 1 bow in 4 colors, 1 wooden bench, 2 photo mats, 1 tag in 5 colors, 1 string in 4 colors, 1 lace border in 4 colors with cracked paint stripe, 1 left bracket in 4 colors with cracked paint stripe, 1 right bracket in 4 colors, 1 rose in 3 colors, 1 daylily in 2 colors, 1 flower in 3 colors, 1 tied ribbon with safety pin and eyelet in 4 colors, 1 butterfly, 1 set of books, and 1 antique clock.

For your convenience, "Savor the Moment" can be found at the following shopping locations:
K-Joi Studios:

Thanks so much for looking. Have a scrap-fabulous day!

Date Night - NEW Release

Pretty up that smile and get ready to go out on your date tonight, and be sure to bring along your camera to capture some of those memorable moments!. Whether it was a heaven-sent date, a blind date, or the date from hades, scrap about it for lots of smiles later in life. Date Night features some very unique background papers and is loaded with a splendid collection of embellishments for scrapbooking those special memories you've collected along your adventures. Kit includes: 18 background papers, 8 ribbons, 1 bow in 5 colors, 1 flower in 6 colors, 1 flower in 3 colors, 1 coffee house sticker, 1 bag, 1 date bar, 1 date wheel, 3 eyelet ribbon accent, 2 flower clips, 5 frames, 1 dancing girl silhouette, 1 hat in 2 colors, 1 heart border in 3 colors, 1 heart couple silhouette, 1 lips, 1 tag in 6 colors, 1 note with envelope accent in 2 colors, 1 candle, 2 clusters/danglements, 1 keychain, 1 staple, 1 Hello tag in 2 colors, and 1 swirl.

Choose from any of these shopping locations:
K-Joi Studios:

Thanks for looking. Have yourself a blessed scrapbooking session today!


Sunday, May 24, 2009

Turn on the Music

My contribution to Club Deco May 2009 features 2 quickpages, 8 background papers, 1 boy frog sticker, 1 girl frog sticker, 1 dragonfly sticker, 1 "Turn it Up!" word art, 1 "Marching Band" word art, 1 "Brass" word art, 1 "Music to my ears" word art, 1 "Jazz" word art, 1 "Winds" word art, 1 "Drums" word art, 1 "Band Camp" word art, 1 drum brad, and 3 frames.

Believe it or not, the following images don't even include everything you get with this month's Club Deco kit!

Can you believe it -- there's still more!

Yes, there's even more. Check it out here:

And be sure to participate in some or all of our intriguing Challenges to earn some awesome FREEBIES!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Lyme Disease Awareness -- and a FREE kit

There are 100 documented strains of Lyme disease in the U.S., but the tests used for diagnosis are only based on one. With the Western blot being based only on one strain of the disease, significant numbers of people infected will go undiagnosed, making it much more difficult to cure.

Irwin Vanderhoof*, PhD, Professor at the New York University Stern School of Business estimates that Lyme Disease costs society about $1 billion per year. This includes unnecessary or inappropriate medical care, lost productivity, legal fees, and other direct/indirect expenses. However, the human toll can be high. Patients can have ongoing problems resulting in emotional distress, permanent physical damage, and significant disruption of life (e.g. job loss, divorce, loss of friends or family).

For more detailed information, please read the source at Wikipedia:

Here are a couple of truly adorable layouts my CT Manager, iwannalife2, created with the mini kit shown above:

And now for your links to the FREEBIE mini kit shown above: Link Expired

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Memorial Day by Paris Designs

Originally called Decoration Day, Memorial Day is all about coming together to honor those who gave their all, who gave their lives in honor serving our nation. This patriotic kit is filled with flowers, crosses, embellishment clusters and more to help you to commemorate those loved ones who gave their all. There are 12 background papers and 31 embellishments and for a limited time you can save 25% off the retail price. Hurry, this price won’t last! You can find this kit at: or for more of Paris Designs visit the store at:

Help Wanted

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

New Releases May 13, 2009

"Don't you feel it growin', day by day, People gettin' ready for the news, some are happy, some are sad. Oh, we got to let the music play... Oh, oh, oh listen to the music... " ( Lyrics performed by the Doobie Brothers.)

Can you hear it playing? I can picture the Doobie Brothers and hear the song in my head. We've gotten musical this week at with the release of the new Club Deco Kit "Turn the Music On." With the music playing and the wonderful creativity and challenges -- this week just sings!!! So "Turn the Music On," and "Let us help you to always remember" with this week's challenges, and new kits in the store.

Nature's Bounty by Aubrey's mom

Get back to Nature! Let Mother Nature guide your hand as you create with Nature's Bounty. SPECIAL OFFER! Now thru June 1st receive the Nature's Bounty Gracie Album free with your purchase! This kit contains: 30 papers, 4 bows, 2 butterflies, 2 country plaques, 2 string heart frames, 1 set wings, 3 feathers, 6 flowers, 4 leaf elements, 1 bale of hay, 1 wire fence heart, 1 metal frame, 1 old milk can, 2 wooden frames, 1 scalloped heart frame, 4 trims, 2 paperclips, 2 tags, 1 danglement, 1 piece ripped cardboard, 2 scrunched ribbons, 1 squirrel, 1 twig, 2 stitched flowers, 1 stitched heart frame, 2 stitches, 1 straw hat, 1 threaded ribbon, 6 curled ribbons and 3 wreath frames.

You can find the kit here: /product.php?productid=18576&cat=0&page=1

Dream of Today by Aubrey's Mom

Dream of yesterday, today, and all of your tomorrows! A soft color palette and gorgeous elements give all of your layouts the whisper of a dream. This kit contains: 30 papers, 1 twine bow, 2 flower clips, 5 bows, 2 buttons, 1 paint chip, 4 ribbons, 7 flowers, 2 paper clips, 3 scrunched ribbons, 5 staples, 1 stapled ribbon, 1 butterfly, 1 word art, 4 frames, 3 journal mats, 3 strings, 1 tag, 1 set wings, and 1 wire decoration.

You can find this kit here:

Muted Rainbow by Aubrey's Mom

Don't let it rain on your mood! Scrap with the rainbow!! Fulfill your own promises with the rainbow! Muted colors mimic nature, and a variety of elements will spark your creative juices. This kit contains: 20 papers, 3 torn papers, 2 folded papers, 6 bows, 2 butterflies, 1 chipboard flower, 1 flower cluster frame, 2 doodle swirls, 4 ribbons, 2 decorations, 3 diamonds, 7 frames, 7 flowers, 3 leaf elements, 1 flower doodle, 2 journal mats, 1 paint splatter, 5 tags, 4 popsicle stick word arts, 1 post card, 1 rainbow element, 1 set rainbow fairy wings, 3 scrunched ribbons, 1 glitter overlay, 6 staples, 3 stitching, 4 strings, and 2 pieces of tape.

You can find this kit here:

Pretty Shabby by Retro Designs

Pretty Shabby is a timeless kit with a vintage look, both pretty and shabby. It makes a perfect setting not just for your precious sepia photos and other treasures which have stood the test of time but also for more modern pages. The kit is on special offer until the end of May. If you enter the coupon code, RetroPS, you can save an additional $1. Kit includes: 10 backgrounds 12 X 12, 2 shaped backgrounds in PNG format 12 X 12, 1 old clock, 1 group of 3 vintage timepieces, 1 bouquet, 2 flourishes, 2 floral swirls, 1 antique gold clip, 2 bows, 2 flowers, 1 old book, 1 old calligraphy pen, 1 painted butterfly, 1 paisley appliqué, 1 silver chain with pearls, 2 tags, 1 tarnished silver heart, 1 vintage bookmark, 1 distressed star, 9 frames and 2 page borders.

You may find this kit in the store here:

Everyone Is a Winner by Paris Designs

I took it one step further than sports, added just some "activity items" as well. I enjoyed working on this kit even though I am not a "sporty" person at all. I tried to hit different seasons and themes for papers and items....including summer, grass and water-water related, indoors with hardwood floors, winter with ice and a general one for anytime of the year. I hope you enjoy using this kit and it gives you many wonderful pages for your memory book! Contents: 36 Background papers, 66 embellishments including

Word art, Frames, Prize ribbons/frames/journaling (take your pick how you want to use them), Charms, Journaling pads, Buttons, Ribbons, straight and curled, Activity figures and 4 Quick pages that include 2- 12x12 QP and 2- 8x11 QP.

You can find this kit at:

Puppy Love Letters by Paris Designs

This is about that first crush, the puppy love. I tried to make it romantic, soft, make you think of love and romance while still including the element of Puppy and allowing it to be used for other types of subjects as well. I can remember setting and drawing hearts, writing "his" name, dreaming off into space and dreaming of children, rings of diamonds, silver, gold and being totally consumed with that first love. I would pick daisies and pull off the petals, saying that old rhyme, he loves me, he loves me not...and if it did not turn out the way I wanted I would take another. I hope this brings back memories for you as well. Enjoy!! All items were made on a 300 dpi, 12 x 12 inch scale. PNG's allow for enlarging, shrinking and manipulating. This kit includes: 30 backgrounds, 88 elements, including but not limited to frames, flowers, ribbons, tags, clips and more. 2--12x12 QP's, 2--8 1/2x11 QP's. Special thank you's included in Credits and description page within the kit. As with all of our kits, they are free to use personal and scrap-4-hire use. Please credit us if using!! Thank you!

You can find this heartwarming kit here:

Crazy Brights by Sharon Craven

This kit has the brightest colors I could find. To me this is what summer is all about! This kit contains: 12 papers and more than 30 elements.

You can find it here:

As always, wishing you a delightfully scrap-happy day!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My thoughts for today...

I've received 4 notices so far this month of other shops that are closing their doors. Not very encouraging at all. But I'm a 'believer' and I can't give up just yet. The economy will eventually turn around. In the meantime, it is imperative that we get folks to realize that even "this is a time" that should be scrapped to the fullest. Hopefully, it will let our future generations have a look at the truth of the past and appreciate it or at least learn from it.

Wishing you a very happy scrapping session!