Monday, November 24, 2008


Template: based on one by CDuffy_05
Kit: Pumpkin Spice by Dana Conditt & Lorene Hill
Fonts: Calisto MT (shadowed), Casua Shopsign
Journaling: Sand-sculpting requires a special blend of sand that's heavy with silt. It helps bind the tiny particles of sand together when mixed with water. Each competitor is allotted 10 tons, delivered from a local sand pit. The competition is a timed event. Sculptors have only 21 hours, spread over three days, to complete their work. Competitors are allowed to use their own carving tools. To achieve heights of up to 20 feet, sculptors build steps using temporary forms. Artists can use the lower forms to stand on as they carve downward and remove the forms as they go. No structural components are permitted in the completed work. The sculptures must endure whatever nature has in store throughout the competition. Wind is often a bigger obstacle than rain. Finished works can be sprayed with a mixture of glue and water to form a thin protective veneer.
Photographs: I received these photos in an email, so I am not sure who originally took them.

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