Saturday, November 8, 2008

Pine Cone Ginger

Kit: It's All About Love by Digital Arts Cafe
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Journaling: Pine Cone Ginger also known as Shampoo Ginger is easy to grow, clumping and propagated by division. Pine cone ginger is fast growing. It prefers moist soil. When it is done flowering, the bulb gets full of a clear liquid that has a light perfumed scent. The substance in the flower cones is used in many shampoos. In medieval times ginger root was so loved it was set on the table nightly as we do with salt and pepper today. .

Shampoo ginger was used as medicine for sprains, indigestion and other ailments. In traditional use, the root was ground with a stone mortar and pestle, and the pulp was placed in a cloth and loosely bound around the injured area. To ease a stomachache, the ground and strained root material was mixed with water and drunk. For a toothache or a cavity, the cooked and softened `awapuhi root was pressed into the hollow and left for as long as was needed.

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