Saturday, December 5, 2009

Holly Berry Christmas @ MissesBeehaven Desginz

Check out the newest collaboration kit from the talented designer team at Misses BeeHaven.

The Holly Berry Christmas Collaboration Kit is exclusive to Misses BeeHaven, it is totally magical and a must have for your Christmas scrapbook layout memories this Christmas season.

Don't miss out on this AWESOME collaboration kit - It is Only available FREE with a $5 purchase until 31st December!

This full size Christmas themed kit bundle was made possible thanks to our creative designers, and the creative team that have joined together to bring you ten 300dpi kits in this bundle.

The Holly Berry Christmas collaboration can yours FREE with any purchase over $5.00 or you can purchase the collaboration kit outright for $8.00. Check out a detailed preview of each of the kits in the Collaboration Kit at the store by clicking here

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