Sunday, February 15, 2009

New Beginnings - NEW kit

A luscious array of teal, light blue, red, brown, and gold background papers, square and round buttons, cardboard and oblong frames, colored staples, tags, beads, bows, and more. There are 3 distinctive foil papers with ripples like wavy water for you to experiment with! Have a bit of fun with the patterned buttons or cluster them with the round buttons, funky flowers, and strands of beads to express your unique creative voice. The criss-crossed ribbons make a super accent for the colorful cardboard and oblong frames. And baby fae will surely add an element of surprise to your scrapbooking masterpieces!

Kit contains: 12 background papers, 1 foil background paper in 3 colors, 1 baby fae, 1 set of beads in 3 colors, 1 bow in 4 colors, 1 square patterned button in 7 colors, 1 round button in 4 colors, 1 flower in 4 colors, 1 flower in 3 colors, 1 cardboard frame in 4 colors, 1 rectangular frame in 5 colors, 1 ribbon in 4 colors, 1 knotted ribbon in 4 colors, 1 criss-crossed ribbon in 4 colors. 1 staple in 4 colors, 1 swirl in 4 colors, and 1 tag in 4 colors.

Total items: 74
You will need to download 4 zips as this kit is over 80 MB.

Available at Hooked on Digiscrap or Angels That Scrap or Deco-Pages

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